Sail Training

Sailing with a yacht at sea: for many the ultimate dream ... But how do you start and what do you need?

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Send a general license do you need if you are from a North Sea port at sea or if you want to go sailing on inland waterways. Sea-based, you need nothing.

We at Cape Horn Sailing are not involved in achieving this certification steering: therefore, there are plenty of specialist companies: check out

For our part to teach sailing. Indeed, after the theory, you especially need to practice. With a papierke in hand you can not sail. But by itself the stick or the steering wheel to take to raise the sails, and a port to sail a yacht to build .... That we teach you

And to keep it simple we have only three types of training:

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What will you have after such an intensive day or weekend:

The trainers are all real sailors from the race circuit with thousands of miles (race) experience per year ... you better not get in Belgium!

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